HVAC Installation & Sales in New York City

FT's Precise Heating & Cooling LLC is a licensed and insured heating and cooling company that guarantees quality service. We are the premier HVAC provider in New York City. FT'S Precise and the words high-quality HVAC work go hand in hand. We are ready to handle your HVAC needs or any HVAC related needs that you may have. Our clientele ranges from dealing with commercial HVAC to residential HVAC issues, and we install an array of systems from central air-conditioning units to hot water heaters and much more. We aim at providing exceptional service suited to the specific needs of each and every client. Our quality control standards are set high, and our technician is amongst the best in the business. Our goal is to provide honest, professional, and dependable HVAC services at affordable prices.


When it comes to HVAC installation services in The Bronx, and throughout the other boroughs in New York City whether it be commercial or residential, our expert technician is always there to help and give you comfort. Whether it is heating and cooling systems, ductless hot water systems or even refrigeration equipment, our experts know how to install it at your place in the right way the first time. Our prices may vary according to the area and size of your house or business place. The minimum price is $2,500 per tonnage.

If you are looking for any type of system, we will meet with you to discuss your needs and decide what the best options are for you. We would work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want. We have the right experience to install any make and model, you are interested in.

We offer reliable HVAC repair services in New York City. Our professional technician is always ready and willing to assist whether it is routine maintenance or an emergency service.


At FT's Precise Heating & Cooling, we can guide you towards the perfect air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment which includes ductless systems of Luxaire® and Mitsubishi®. The prices of our equipment range from $3,000 to more than $100,000, so there is something to fit everyone's budget and need. Additionally, our major brands come with a five (5) to ten (10) year warranty.

We can help you to maintain the perfect system at your home and business place. Our professional technician strives to ensure that you get the best value for your money. For further information about HVAC installation, sales, repairs, and service, contact FT's Precise Heating & Cooling at (917) 557-5976 or email us

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