Ductless HVAC Systems (or Mini Split Systems) are energy-efficient and can easily provide the comfort that you need. No need to worry about the hassle of your technician installing Ductwork, if you decide Ductless systems are the way to go. Whether you are doing home or business additions or improvements or even if it is a new construction project we have the right Ductless system for you.

Our client's who are environmentally conscious would totally prefer this Ductless option, as the system would have less impact on the environment over a period of time, as compared to other systems, since Ductless systems use a refrigerant called R410A. R410A does not contribute to ozone depletion and as a result is becoming a more popular choice in the industry for both residential and commercial use.


Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems commonly known as VRF Systems provide superior comfort. They can either be a heat pump system or heat recovery system. VRF systems can be described as large Ductless systems, however, they are more compact as compared to Ducted systems. VRF systems also use R410A refrigerant as the cooling and heating medium, so it is also exceedingly energy-efficient.

12. Whatever need you have FT'S Precise is certified to provide you with the customized Ductless System your home or business desires.

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